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House of the commons is a platform for events, workshops and campaigns for fairer housing and land use
Exploring creative solutions to the housing crisis

This October architecture and design collective, Transition by Design, working in collaboration with citizens, activists and housing professionals will host a major three day event concerned with the UK housing crisis, specifically focusing on Oxford, but with a UK outlook.

The event will be held on Cowley Road, east Oxford, 21st-23rd October.

We have an exciting line-up of speakers, workshops and skill-shares and performances examining the current context - the drivers of the crisis, and we will hear from groups and individuals offering creative alternatives.

House of the Commons is intended to be participatory with a focus on self-organisation for practical action and is open to all people wanting to find out more about our current housing situation and where we could go next.

  • Root Causes

    Joining the dots between the root causes to the housing crisis - addressing financialisation; banking deregulation; land ownership; supply and privatisation

  • land: use and value

    Who owns Britain? We will be interrogating the links between land ownership and value, asking who owns and controls the land under our feet

  • housing for refugees and migrants

    Understanding the facts; and asking how can we build effective links and solidarity across borders looking at a range of initiatives

  • alternative models & building for the future

    Exploring the alternative models available to us now and looking long term at how we can redesign our housing system to deliver genuine affordability, security and sustainability


Some highlights from our programme
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Sara Mahmoud

Uploaded image

Aysen Dennis

Aylesbury Tenants & Leaseholders First
Uploaded image

Danny Dorling

Professor of Geography, Oxford University
Uploaded image

Alastair Parvin

Founder of WikiHouse and Architecture 00

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