HotC in Red Pepper ‘Room for All’


“Nadhira Halim and Andy Edwards report on the range of creative responses to the housing crisis that are providing secure, affordable housing across the UK”


After the success of House of the Commons, members of Transition by Design wrote an article in the latest issue of Red Pepper Magazine, Utopia Now. The article outlines a range of creative responses to the housing crisis, with examples by groups and organisations who are providing secure and affordable housing across the UK.


The article presents initiatives and groups who were part of the recent House of the Commons 2016.


For those interested in understanding the various alternatives to housing, the article has carefully outlined the descriptions and definitions of community land trusts, co-operative housing, co-housing, mutual home ownership (MHOS) and many more.



Check out the full article in the latest issue of the magazine, Utopia Now, along with other very interesting reads.