November 23, 2016


House of the Commons 2016


Last October architecture and design collective, Transition by Design, worked in collaboration with citizens, activists and housing professionals hosted a major three day event concerned with the UK housing crisis, specifically focusing on Oxford, but with a UK outlook.

The event was held on Cowley Road, east Oxford, 21st-23rd October.

We had an engaging line-up of speakers, workshops and skill-shares and performances examining the current context – the drivers of the crisis, and we heard from groups and individuals offering creative alternatives.

House of the Commons 2016 was highly participatory with a focus on self-organisation for practical action and brought together hundreds of people from a range of backgrounds, including academics, activists, professionals, campaigners and local authorities.

Links to our programme are given below, and talks and discussions can be viewed on our Videos page. So if you missed out on the event, there’s still a chance to hear the great conversations that took place that weekend!


Please note that these events have expired, and information below is for reference only.


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